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Bed Races on Beacon

I love helping the comunity



hula hula.HULA

BED RACES ON BEACON, Sunday August 17, 2014

and… Stroller Races!

The ladies of Sidney Meet Up Network of Women in business will be in the race and we fully expect to win.

Below is a picture of us at our very first top secret meeting planning out our strategy.


We will be accepting donations to sponsor us and all of the proceeds will go to Resthaven Lodge so come down that day and cheer us on.

bed race

In support of Palliative Care at Rest Haven Lodge12pm-4pmBed Race Team (5-10 people) Entry Fee $500.00 Bed race spots are limited and will sell out on a first come basis, call today to register! CONTACT INFORMATION: Brenda Hennigar 250-656-0717 Ext: 428 Email:


  • by  Steven Heywood – Peninsula News Review
  • posted Jul 31, 2014 at 3:00 PMPodmore, a Sidney town councillor and Town Crier, issued a challenge to the community on behalf of his employer, the Sidney…

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