Posted by: cherylyoung | September 19, 2015

Woodwynn Farms believing in people

One of our most successful fundraisers

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woodwynne farms


Check out this video all about Woodwynne Farms Fundraiser





Woodwynn Farms is our 193 acre organic farm for our therapeutic

community for the homeless, offering an opportunity to change

peoples’ lives with educational and work programmes based on

responsibility, dignity, independence and the principles of

peer-to-peer help.

The affection, understanding and support that every person receives

are daily examples of the kind of selflessness that cannot be

considered a simple exchange because it can only come straight

from the heart.

There is no single, failsafe recipe that can save everyone, only a

fundamental rule – Respect and Unconditional Love.

The road that people have to travel can be long and complex, but the

aim is to help them become aware of their true potential.

Outcasts that have been overcome by life’s difficulties are encouraged

and supported through trust and dialogue.

All those who enter Woodwynn will find a home, health…

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