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Yoho National park on the border of B.C and Alberta is home to Waterfalls, Glacial lakes, snow-topped mountain peaks,roaring rivers deep silet forests and spiral tunnels inside the mountains

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Yoho National Park on the British Columbia/

Alberta border is home to waterfalls, glacial lakes,

snow-topped mountain peaks, roaring rivers, deep silent

 forests, and spiral tunnels inside the mountains.

Through erosion, nature has carved some of the most

 dramatic landscapes in the country.

 See the natural rock bridge spanning the Kicking

 Horse River, and visit the Kicking Horse Pass

National  Historic Site.

 See the Hoodoos, immense boulders balanced atop tall

pillars of glacial till.

By the time Hwy 1 reaches the park’s headquarters in

 Field, a distance of about 18.5 miles (30 km), the tone

of the landscape shifts to one of glaciated Rocky

 Mountain peaks.

 The east gate of the park is at the British Columbia-

Alberta  border on the Continental Divide.

Total distance between the two gates is about

30 miles.

 About 1.5 miles (2.5 km) west of Field, Emerald

Lake Road leads north from Hwy 1 to the parking

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